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Perfect Harmony Teacher Support


PERFECT HARMONY (Music teacher support service)

Creating a successful Music tuition business while maintaining personal wellbeing. 

Are you new to private instrumental or vocal teaching? Maybe you are currently in employment but considering taking the plunge and setting up your own tuition business? Perhaps you are a peripatetic Music teacher in a school but wish to run your own business. You might be a musician with lots of skills to share with pupils but you have not had much actual teaching experience. Maybe you are already a self-employed tutor but are floundering slightly. Going self-employed can all seem a bit daunting and lonely sometimes so I want to help make the road to a successful tuition business as smooth as possible for you, as you are offering such a valuable service as a Music teacher and I am here to support you.

Consultation service

My consultation service is not about Music pedagogy. It is not an agency either. It is a support and mentoring service for you as a human being and self-employed Music teacher; helping you to work efficiently and feel at your best. It is about preventing you from making costly mistakes and saving you money. It is about valuing your worth and maintaining a healthy work/life balance. I offer a friendly ear and a knowledgeable eye for detail. I would be delighted to assist you in starting up your own business or giving you some support if you are already going it alone but struggling.

Having worked as Head of Music at secondary school level, then branching out as a freelance peripatetic singing teacher and now running my own incredibly busy singing tuition business, I have seen things from all sides. In my sessions I can help you with the following issues:

  • Confidence in your abilities
  • Protecting yourself and creating a sustainable career 
  • Creating policies and procedures
  • Pricing your lessons
  • Marketing your services
  • How to structure an effective lesson
  • Personal qualities
  • Dealing with challenging behaviour
  • Physical and mental wellbeing
  • Personal safety
  • Record – keeping (pupil data and finance)
  • Planning a pupil showcase
  • Entering pupils for exams

Available packages

I offer help in the following packages (prices are for 1 hour unless otherwise stated):

  1. 15 minute telephone consultation (free, with no obligation).
  2. Lesson observation with feedback. A non-judgemental observation from the angles of your health, safety and wellbeing, interpersonal skills, lesson structure, logistics and organisation, rather than your actual musical knowledge.
  3. My complete e-book course (£29.99). Purchase, download, save and refer to it at your leisure: Perfect Harmony – a comprehensive guide to building a successful private Music tuition business and maintaining personal wellbeing. https://www.karen-mccabe.co.uk/e-book-course/
  4. Consultations over the telephone or via Skype.
  5. Consultations in person. Includes business planning and self-reflection booklet.

Get in touch via the contact form on this website or send an email to karensingingsoul@gmail.com for more information or to book a consultation.

This invaluable guide can be bought here https://www.karen-mccabe.co.uk/e-book-course/


For fourteen years I taught Music at secondary school, with nine of those years being Head of Department. I witnessed on a daily basis some of the struggles that our instrumental and vocal teachers faced, not only on the business and organisational side of things, but also in terms of confidence in themselves and what they were offering. I worked with them to help them implement payment and timetabling systems to make their work more sustainable, and created policies and procedures with them which we shared with parents with great success .

Eventually I decided to branch out alone to set up my own singing tuition business. Yet once ‘alone’ in the world, my own confidence melted a little and I felt the need to please people, rather than look after my own needs. Through trial and error I struggled through and overcame that lack of confidence, setting up a business on my own without any support.

Private tuition

After five years of hard work I have a successful and thriving service with around 40 current  pupils and another 49 on my waiting list. The nature of my business has transformed over that time, starting as simple traditional singing lessons for children and becoming Singing for the Soul – relaxed singing lessons for children and adults for fun, confidence and emotional wellbeing. I noticed an increasing need in people of all ages for some stress-relief in these fast-paced times, and knowing first hand how good singing is for mental health I decided to extend my services to those who just need a release from the stresses of life, as well as those who wish to learn to sing and take exams. In addition I now offer piano lessons, aural tuition and music appreciation classes.

We have lots of fun, exam results are great and we have had several successful pupil showcases. But it was not all plain-sailing – the business side of things took hard work and a few mistakes along the way! I also learned some harsh lessons about looking after my own wellbeing. My advice comes straight from my own personal experiences. Ultimately it is your business and you can make it whatever you want – I only guide and advise .

I have since been approached by several fellow private Music teachers for advice about starting their own tuition business and they too are now doing really well. As a result I am therefore extending my services to you all. 

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